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St Louis Roofing: Article About Protecting A Roof From Ice Dams

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When one owns a home in an area that is known for cold and snowy winters, making sure ice dams don't become a problem is extremely important. Most homeowners don't give enough consideration to the damaging effects that ice dams can cause. Unfortunately, ignoring these problems can lead to extensive roof damage. Once ice dams start to form, the roof decking is likely to get wet, start rotting and leak into the interior of the home.

Managing ice dams is not difficult, but it does take some experience. A reputable St Louis roofing contractor will be able to provide quality solutions to help homeowners eliminate the formation of ice dams and the damage they can create. One of the first things a contractor will do is asses the air flow in the attic and under the roof. A roof needs to be kept cool in the winter, and this is managed by drawing the cold air in from outside and forcing the warm air out.

With attic and eave vents, it is possible to keep the air circulating and avoid warm spots under the roof.

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The best way to prevent ice dams is to make sure that the roof is the same temperature both on top as well as on the underside, so good ventilation is crucial. This area requires a thorough understanding of ventilation and roof mechanics, so it is usually best to consult with a professional roofing contractor regarding roof ventilation issues.

Another area of concern that can lead to ice dam formation is improper insulation. When a roof is not properly insulated, even good ventilation might be insufficient to keep ice dams from occurring. Leaks to the attic, such as gaps around light fixtures and vents, should be sealed to prevent warm air from the home leaking into the attic and raising the temperature under the roof.

When a roof develops warm spots, such as roof peaks that get warmer when heat rises through the attic and hits the underside of the roof, snow can start to melt. If the lower edges of the roof are still covered in snow and below the freezing point, the water draining off the roof will simply freeze along the eaves, gutters and roof edges. As this water freezes, the ice dams grow and can eventually lead to roof leaks and water damage. Proper ventilation and insulation offer the best solutions for protecting a roof.

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