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A home's exterior provides curb appeal for the property's value, but it also performs as the main barrier to weathering. It's natural for both the roof and siding to wear down after several decades. A St Louis roofing professional could give the exterior a facelift with a combined roof and siding installation project. This project type offers several benefits compared to individual installations spread out across the years.

Contractors use home renovations to inspect structural areas normally covered with materials, such as joists and studs. A previous roof blow off could have left some areas vulnerable to water damage, for example. With old roofing and siding materials removed from the home simultaneously, contractors can examine and repair these hidden areas. Mold, mildew and algae are all results of trapped moisture on wood. Professionals find and fix these problem areas for several decades more of structural stability.

Roofers begin with the roof project and work their way down the structure. In some cases, they may add some siding at the soffit and return to the roof to complete another shingle addition. Professionals have more flexibility with their installation procedures when roofs and walls are exposed.

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There are no worries about accidentally damaging siding when working on the roof because new materials are being installed afterward.

Homeowners may initially look at the combined installation cost and worry about funding the project. Roofers understand that both installations are high cost, so they try to ease the investment with clever discounting and payment structures. Seniors, for example, could take advantage of a 10 percent discount. Bulk material discounts might be possible in some cases too. Roofers could also have payment options spread over several months to make the investment much easier to handle financially.

Property value is the main reason for beautifying a home with roofing and siding. Once the project is complete, the home stands out on the block as a practically brand new construction. Renovation expenses are often covered by value increases when potential buyers propose bids during selling periods. Homeowners should discuss potential final value and material costs with the contractor during negotiations to verify the investment is a smart one.

It's essential to interview a handful of contractors for a major home renovation. Some contractors are only skilled in certain areas, such as shingles and ceramic tiles. A given professional might not have the skills necessary to work on siding too. Selecting one contractor with multiple skill sets is the goal for homeowners.

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