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St Louis Roofing: Article About Recognizing Roof Damage Types

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Homeowners typically don't venture to their home's rooftop on a regular basis, so the presence of significant damage is often a shock when St Louis roofing professionals visit for routine maintenance. Unless the rooftop is considerably old, most damage is caused by natural phenomena. From rogue wild animals to strong wind gusts, rooftops can be severely damaged unless homeowners keep up with strict maintenance schedules.

A shingled rooftop may suddenly appear blistered as spring and summer arrive. Bubbling across the shingles can lead to cracks within the materials. If blistering has never occurred before, the main vent passageway might be blocked. Birds build nests at the soffit vents, blocking air from moving into the roofing system. With poor ventilation, the roof heats up more than usual. The blistering occurs because water molecules trapped inside shingles are expanding under the heated pressure. Removing the nest and birds usually returns the rooftop back to normal temperature conditions.

If a home has older cedar shakes, this wood is attractive to squirrels. When contractors examine the rooftop, they may see major sections trimmed down with wood shavings across the area.

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Squirrels access the rooftop through nearby tree branches, so it's usually a good idea to prune back these lengths to stop the animal invasion. These pests could easily eat away at the entire roof system.

After a major storm, homeowners may notice that a section of the roof's tabs appear to be curled. These weather events are usually accompanied by gusty winds, causing the roofing tabs to lift up into a permanent curled position. Contractors must replace these curled shingles with new ones. To prevent further curling, roofers may use some adhesive under the tabs to give them strength against windy conditions.

The surrounding rooftop design is normally constructed with wood. If homeowners notice fine wood shavings on the roof or ground, the structure might have termites. Contractors must replace this wood and eradicate the termites to keep supportive lumber around the rooftop. A healthy roof cannot work for years without strong beams and fascia holding it firmly in place.

If damage is a common occurrence across the structure, homeowners must consider a roofing agreement or contract. These legal documents create a business relationship between homeowners and contractors. Significant discounts are often added to the contract to ease costs with frequent maintenance. Homeowners know exactly when their next appointment is scheduled to keep up with any damage occurring to the rooftop. Small repairs will always be less expensive than a major renovation.

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