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Watching a group of yellow jackets flying around the eaves of a roof is a startling sight for any homeowner. While they are unlikely to come inside of the house, they can pose problems for children and pets who happen to come to close. Unlike bees, they can sting multiple times without dying, and they can cause swelling of the skin and other health issues for those who are stung.

Talking to a St Louis roofing professional can help a homeowner determine where a nest may be located and discuss ways to get rid of them for good. In addition to being aggressive, yellow jackets may decide to start multiple nests on or around a roof, which means that they can get into an attic's insulation and even into broken or weak roof tiles. Over time, the colony can grow to contain thousands of wasps.

A roofing professional may first call in an exterminator or another expert who can get rid of the wasps and make the roof safe to work on. After they are gone, it may be possible to repair any damage done to shingles, insulation or wooden structures within the roof. It may also be necessary to repair and replace any gutters or downspouts that have been weakened or damaged by a wasp infestation.

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In some cases, it may be necessary to remove shingles or other portions of the roof to find a nest or to spray chemicals to keep wasps from returning after they have been eradicated. Although shingles may be in good enough condition to be reused, the wasps may leave chemical trails telling them that the shingles were a good place to form a nest. Therefore, new shingles and roofing materials should be used to help keep them away next year and beyond.

If yellow jackets have gotten into an attic's insulation, the insulation should be completely removed and replaced as it may have been seriously degraded. Degraded insulation will not adequately keep a room warm and may be susceptible to further pest or water damage in the future.

Social wasps like to gather in one spot and grow their colonies quickly during the spring and summer months. Therefore, homeowners who notice wasps or hear them buzzing in the attic should call a roofing professional quickly. Coordinating with an expert may make it possible to get rid of the wasps and repair any damage that they have done.

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