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When a roof sustains storm damage, it is imperative that the homeowner follow proper procedures in order to get their roof fixed as quickly as possible. While the first thing one might consider is contacting a reputable St Louis roofing contractor to get the repairs started immediately, it is important that the homeowner first contact their insurance company.

Most people carry some type of homeowners insurance; in fact, anyone who has a mortgage or home equity loan will likely be required by the lender to have insurance coverage. However, even homeowners who don't owe any money on their home should carefully consider the benefits of carrying homeowners insurance.

These policies can vary depending on the type of policy the homeowner has purchased. Every policy needs to be evaluated in order to understand its limits of liability, exclusions and level of coverage. For example, some policies cover only the prorated value of the roof. These policies are known as ACV or Actual Cash Value policies. With an ACV insurance policy, the age of the roof is prorated to determine the amount of coverage the insurance company will provide.

Another type of policy that provides more comprehensive coverage is a replacement policy. A replacement policy does not guarantee a new roof, but it is designed to provide the necessary reimbursement to cover the full cost of repairs or replacement depending on the extent of damages.

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With any type of policy, a homeowner will first be required to pay their deductible prior to payment by the insurance company.

There are some types of damage that will likely be excluded from coverage. This typically includes damage that results from poor maintenance or specific risks, such as flooding or tornadoes that are covered under a separate rider.

After any type of storm damage, the homeowner will need to contact their insurance company in order to initiate the claim process. The insurance provider will send out an insurance adjuster to assess the damages and determine the amount of coverage the insurance company will provide.

The claims process can be tricky, and homeowners might be left wondering why certain items aren't covered. It is important that these issues are discussed with an agent prior to beginning repairs. If a complete tear off is necessary, this cost will likely be included in the settlement amount; however, if only repairs are needed, a homeowner who chooses to replace their entire roof will typically be responsible for these additional expenses.

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