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The roof is one of the most important parts of a home, and its maintenance should be taken seriously. Regular inspection can save a homeowner time and money, and it can help to keep the roof from suffering serious damage. The storms of summer can lead to wind or hail damage to a roof as well. Hail damage is a common form of roof damage, and the combination of the wind and debris picked up by the wind can tear tiles right off of the structure. When checking the roof after a severe storm, look for broken or missing tiles. St Louis roofing companies report that these broken or missing tiles may be a sign that there could be mild to moderate damage to a roof. Even a small patch of missing tiles can cause the roof to leak and lead to significant damage inside the house. The earlier any potential outside damage is found, the lower the chance of any serious damage inside.

Cleaning the gutters that surround the roof is best done twice a year at a minimum, especially in the autumn when the leaves have finished falling. While cleaning leaves and other debris from the gutters, this is a good time to make sure that there are no broken or clogged pipes.

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These may prevent heavy rain from draining away from the roof. Keep an eye out for any small pieces or granules of shingles because these are also a sign of the structure breaking. While checking the gutters, it is also a good idea to look around any chimneys and areas that are covered in sealant. Damages to sealant can also cause leaks and damage, and its best to repair these as soon as possible rather than after it has begun to leak. Remember, clear gutters are one of the best ways to prevent ice dams in the winter.

Keeping a roof maintained through the summer and autumn is crucial to the winter survival of the structure. If one lives in an area that suffers harsh winters, the prevention of damage is very important before the cold season hits. There are many obstacles that a home has to overcome in the wintertime including wind, heavy snow, cold and ice. Ensuring the roof's health before the snowy season can make all the difference in the spring. Heavy snow can cause invisible problem areas to become serious issues and can even lead to the caving of roofs under heavy, wet snow. Ice dams also pose a serious threat to a roof if they are allowed to develop. Keep in mind that roof repair takes the longest during the winter months because of the dangerous conditions and cold weather.

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