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St Louis Roofing: Article About Roof Maintenance With Periodic Inspections

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The roof of a home covers more than a building. It covers memories, dreams and most importantly, family. It is also easy to overlook roof maintenance. As long as the rain is not dripping inside the house, the assumption is that the roof is fine. That is not always the case. Most roof problems start out small and unnoticed. By the time a water stain appears on the ceiling, the damage is already done. A qualified St Louis roofing company can provide quality repairs, but periodic roof inspections can keep small problems from becoming large ones.

In areas that experience all four seasons, there is the unique challenge of dealing with the transitional seasons of spring and fall. While all seasons pose their own unique weather challenges, spring and fall both provide wide temperature fluctuations and potentially violent weather events. The collision of warm and cold fronts often create storms with damaging potential. Driving rains, straight line winds and hail, along with lightning frequently accompany these seasonal storms. It is the frequency and the ferocity of these storms that begin to take its toll on an asphalt shingle roof. Hail can crack shingles. Straight line winds can pull, tug and loosen them. Once shingles have been loosened from previous storms, driving rains can get under those shingles and seep into the wood below.

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This small seepage can be the beginning of a larger problem if not found and corrected.

The best way to inspect for damage is to climb up on the roof. Roof damage will not always be visible from the ground. Once on the roof, look for chipped, cracked or dangling shingles. Check the seams around exhaust pipes, vents and chimneys. A roofing professional can also perform a roof inspection and make any repair suggestions. If the area has experienced an exceptionally rough weather event or season, a contractor can provide insight and tips for repairing, protecting, and maintaining the roof.

It is easy to overlook roof maintenance. However, with some preventative attention and periodic inspections, a roof can continue to protect loved ones for years to come. The ultimate goal is to maintain a safe and structurally sound roof, and a qualified roof company can offer options and solutions to meet both needs and budget, and when it is time to replace the roof, a roofing professional will be able to provide the most up to date expertise specific to the area.

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