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The thought of having to replace a roof can be a bit unsettling to any homeowner. It is often an expensive repair that many will try to delay for as long as possible. Of course, a roof can only be patched and repaired so many times. At some point, replacement is what is necessary. However, how does a homeowner really know that a roof is in need of replacement? Being informed of the warning signs of needing a new roof by a trusted and experienced St Louis roofing company will help the homeowner feel more confident in their decision to replace the roof.

The most obvious warning sign of needing a new roof is the age of the roof. Most older roofs would only last about 20 years. Now, the products used to make shingles and other roofing material are made to last a great deal longer, extending the lifetime of the roof.

Cracked or curled shingles can mean that the roofing material is losing the ability to offer protection for the home. Over time, the shingles begin to harden and lose shape. Once this begins happening to a few shingles, it is safe to assume that it is happening all over the roof.

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Missing shingles can also be an obvious sign the roof needs to be replaced. Missing one or two a year is acceptable. However, if the frequency and number begin to increase, it is time to consider replacement.

After so many years, dark streaks often begin to appear on the roof. While this does not necessarily mean the roof is damaged or not functional, the appearance can be quite unsightly. The roof can be cleaned to help the appearance; however, cleaning will eventually stop helping. At this time, the only option would be roof replacement in order to improve the overall look of the home.

Water damage inside the home is a huge warning sign that should never be ignored. Water spots on the ceiling typically mean there is a leak in the roof. Over time, the water leak can ruin the integrity of the home and cause the growth of mold and mildew. While some roof leaks only require the roof to be patched, most bigger leaks will require a roof replacement to avoid more expensive repairs down the road.

Before making the decision to replace a roof, one should always consult with an experienced roofing company that can offer a warranty on the work performed. For most, a home is their most valuable investment and should not be trusted to anyone other than a skilled professional.

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