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Most homeowners are concerned about their roof's topmost layer, which is often the asphalt shingles. These materials are the first defenses against the weathering elements, but other roof layers are critical components too. The underlayment that resides just beneath the shingles performs several important functions. When you call a St Louis roofing company to make roofing repairs to your home, make sure that they inspect your underlayment also.

Without underlayment installed on your roof, the structure's decking and shingles would be in constant contact. Wood decking has natural resins that remain in the material for many years. These resins, however, may slowly seep out and come into contact with the shingles. The asphalt within the shingles reacts with the resins, and a natural breakdown process occurs. When a protective layer underlayment separates the wood and the shingles, however, they never have a chance to damage each other with their natural, chemical processes.

Underlayment also contributes to a healthy roof by reducing vapors or condensation within the attic. Your roof has extreme temperature swings between the hot and cold seasons. The underlayment reduces the extent of these temperature swings so that condensation doesn't accumulate within the attic. As a result, the home is more comfortable to live in with fewer vapors that require venting to the exterior.

One of the main reasons to install underlayment is roof water resistance.

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If any water has a chance to seep between or under the shingles, it would immediately come in contact with the decking were it not for the underlayment. Water and wood create a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Placing underlayment under the shingles, however, will create a water-resistant layer that only funnels the water down to the gutters. Homeowners can potentially save hundreds of dollars with strong underlayment in place.

Your shingles are designed to remain on the roof from the time they're installed until they're removed several decades later. However, defects and damaged shingles can fall or tear off the structure. If any part of your roof is exposed to wet weather, water damage can result. A strong underlayment layer may protect the roof until professionals can repair the lost shingles. Depending on the underlayment type, the roof might be protected for several days without any major damages to the interior spaces.

Whether you have synthetic underlayment or roofing felt, these materials should last for the life of your shingles. When a roof installation project is approaching, ask the contractor for a complete material teardown and rebuild. You want brand-new underlayment underneath the updated shingles. Both of these layers will protect your home for many decades.

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