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Homeowners may be anticipating a brand new shingle installation, especially if roofing granules are actively falling off the structure. While St Louis roofing professionals have a time frame scheduled for tearoff and installation, homeowners must prepare their household as well. Readying the home's exterior is commonplace for most residents, but the interior needs some preparation as well in order to successfully complete a streamlined installation project.

If the home usually has its windows open for ventilation, close everything securely during the roofing project. Although experienced roofers keep the job site as clean as possible, dust can float around and enter homes. If residents remain at the property during the installation process, simply use the air conditioner to keep the interior free from dust and particulates. Breathing in any of the roofing dust could be irritating for some people.

A household with pets may want to take them to a neighbor's home or boarding facility. Both cats and dogs could be bothered by the noise and extra people at the property. The stimulation might be difficult on them, so give pets time away from the home to reduce any mental or physical stress.

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If the animals must remain at the property, they should be kept indoors and away from windows.

Contractors could need access to the attic during the installation. Because the attic's ceiling is the roof's wood deck, this interior area is helpful for roofers to access as they verify lumber stability. Clear away any interior obstacles to the attic and leave the ladder or stairs open to workers. This easy access reduces lost time moving around the property, allowing contractors to remain concentrated on the job at hand.

Homeowners should also prepare for their vehicles to be either in the garage or parked on the street. Even the most experienced contractors can drop items from the rooftop, including nails. Driving vehicles down the driveway could cause a tire puncture if a nail is ran over. If homeowners know they must leave during a project workday, simply keep the vehicle parked on the street to keep it free from any damage. This strategy also opens the driveway up for contractor access and temporary material storage.

During roofing negotiations, discuss any particular preparation steps that might be exclusive to a property. Homeowners might need to give roofers a gate code, for instance, to access the area. Being prepared well before the project gives all parties a chance to work successfully together for a strong roof installation.

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