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Before digital cable and wireless Internet based TV services became popular, most homes used an antenna in order to receive signals for programming. Now, most of those antennas are useless, sitting up on top of the roof. Unfortunately, an old antenna on top of a home may be more than just an eyesore. A severe weather event or wear and tear on the antenna's fasteners may cause it to fall, causing roofing damage to shingles or gutters and potentially hurting anyone standing on the ground below. Homeowners can consult with a St Louis roofing service to have the antenna safely removed from the structure and disposed of.

If the antenna is on a tall, second story roof ridge, it may be best for a professional roofer to remove it as a tall ladder will usually be needed to access the roof's peak. It's also a good idea for property owners to have the antenna professionally removed if the home has a roof with a steep pitch. Because of the difficulty in accessing highly placed antennas, many homeowners choose to wait for antenna removal until the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

When the antenna is located on a gently sloping roof or on a single story home, its removal is an easy process.

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A professional will find a power drill, extension cord and some rope to perform the task. Once accessing the roof where the antenna is located, the drill can be used to remove the screws fastening the antenna to the shingles. The rope is useful for lowering the larger arrays of the antenna to the ground.

Once the arrays have been removed, the professional can remove the support post fasteners using the drill. After the fasteners have been removed, the post can also be lowered down to the ground. Any brackets should also be taken off the roof's surface.

After removal of the antenna and its fastening materials, the roofing system will need to be patched up. A sealant can be applied over the opening where the antenna's support pole was situated. Next, a metal cap can be placed to cover the opening. Alternatively, the section of plywood can be replaced or filled with a matching size and thickness of wood. If new wood is laid, sealant should be applied to it to keep any moisture out of the roofing system. New shingles or tiles should be attached to the wood.

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