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Adding siding to a home can boost its curb appeal while reducing overall energy costs. Wisely choosing among different siding materials can be the difference between a long lasting, cost cutting solution and an expensive hassle. Sort out which material is right in order to ensure a positive experience.

In general, siding consists of narrow bands of material that are affixed to the exterior of a home or any other building. This outer covering adds an extra layer of insulation to the home and helps protect it from the elements. In addition, many homeowners find the look of siding to be visually appealing.

While siding is easy to install, it's advisable to consult with a professional to ensure that it is installed correctly. Many St Louis roofing companies offer siding installation in addition to roofing and gutter services. The range of siding materials is broad. While wooden and vinyl siding are popular options, others include aluminum and cement fiber siding. In former years, it was common for homeowners to use hardboard, fiberglass or asbestos siding, though none of those materials are used any longer.

Wooden siding, usually known as wooden plank, clapboard or shingle, is one of the most traditional forms of siding. Commonly seen on historic homes, this type of siding is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal.

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On the other hand, covering one's home with wooden siding is typically a less rugged option than using other siding materials. Wood requires more meticulous maintenance to protect it from the elements and preserve its attractive finish, year after year. Since wooden siding is often painted, it allows some flexibility in style. If a color is no longer pleasing after a few years, it's easy to repaint the house in a different color. On the other hand, wooden shingles will require repainting, often a laborious process, whereas some other siding materials never need a second coat of paint.

Aluminum siding is another popular material, widely chosen for its durability, moderate pricing and low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, aluminum siding may dent, detracting from the home's overall appearance. Vinyl and plastic coated aluminum siding also exists, typically at a slightly higher price point.

Much like aluminum siding, vinyl siding was created as a less expensive and more durable alternative to wood. It's even less expensive than aluminum siding and requires little to no maintenance. However, vinyl siding is somewhat less weatherproof than the other materials, sometimes warping or buckling with changes in temperatures.

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