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As one of the most important components to your home, the roof requires regular inspections in order to maintain its leak-free surfaces. From the ground level, you might be concerned about an aging roof or materials under stress from local weather conditions. Deal with these concerns by educating yourself about roof damage and its severity levels. In some cases, a call to a St Louis roofing company may not be necessary after a particularly calm storm.

After a heavy rain, you might notice shingle granules scattered across the ground. This occurrence can mean several things. If you have a brand-new roof, these granules are simply an indication that the materials are settling into their position on the roof. In contrast, older roofs that drop granules are showing an eventual need for a replacement. They'll continue to slough off of the roof until the shingles are entirely bare.

Hail damage should always be evaluated by professionals after a storm has passed. In most cases, lightweight hail may only create dimples in the shingles. These dimples don't break the shingles; they merely bend them. However, shingles' lifespans are shortened when dimples are present. You'll need to replace the roof soon in the future before the next big storm blows in. Heavy hail that actually breaks the shingles will need a repair project completed as soon as possible as those damaged shingles will need to be replaced.

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Winds can severely damage a roof even when it has a solid structure. Ask a contractor to evaluate the roof for any loose or missing shingles since they may be difficult to see from the ground. Loose shingles can be tightened against the deck, but missing shingles require replacement sections. It's critical to get your roof repaired as soon as possible as water damage can be the result of putting it off.

Curled shingles occur when the materials are old and the winds are constant. The curling shape may occur even when the winds are calm. Contractors will normally replace these shingles as a precautionary measure. Rain can easily drift up and underneath a curled shingle. Your wood decking may become instantly soaked if those curled shingles aren't fixed.

As you examine your shingles after a strong storm, concentrate on evaluating the drip edge. You'll find these metal pieces along the roof's edges. The drip edges should be firmly attached to the structure so that they can protect the decking from any accidental leaks. Study your roof as a complex system to pinpoint problem areas before they become serious issues.

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