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A shingled roof should be inspected regularly to help prolong its life. Homeowners should inspect their roof from the ground at least once a month or directly after a strong storm. Even from the ground, it's possible to pinpoint missing or cracked shingles. When damage is noted, homeowners should turn to St Louis roofing professionals who can replace faulty shingles and secure the structure from water leaks. There are several distinct details regarding shingle replacement that should be noted by homeowners.

Although one or two shingles may be damaged, contractors may not only replace these isolated pieces. Roofers survey the entire surface to define a repair section. They'll replace a rough circle or square of shingles to ensure that all damage is eliminated. Contractors pull up this section, allowing them to have enough space to add shingles appropriately. Trying to slide one shingle between older ones is difficult and may make the structure prone to future leaks.

With a chosen section, contractors must match the existing shingle color to available replacement products. The best contractors can match the color almost exactly, making the entire surface appear cohesive from ground level.

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Shingles may need to be slightly different colors from the original hue to match any fading occurrences. Even the physical layout must be perfected, allowing the repair project to blend into the original installation.

As contractors remove the shingles for repair, they'll carefully inspect the decking below. This flat plywood is the main roofing component underneath shingles. If decking becomes saturated, rot and decay can occur. When contractors pull up the bad shingles, they can verify the decking is in good condition. If any damage is noted, new plywood is installed along with the shingles.

Generally, contractors don't reuse underlayment. This material resides between the decking and shingles. It acts as another barrier to any moisture that seeps under shingles. As materials are removed for repair, the underlayment is pulled too. Roofers then roll out new underlayment and secure shingles on top of the underlayment, creating a strong and cohesive structure.

When shingle replacement is inevitable, homeowners can make sure their home is prepped for a repair job. Attic access is a critical part to any repair or replacement process, so before contractors arrive at the home, be sure to remove all furniture and other obstacles from attic doorways. Contractors often need to access the attic in order to verify decking stability and other structural issues.

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