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Professional St Louis roofing companies offer homeowners siding projects in additional to the jobs usually associated with a roofing company. Both projects require similar personnel and equipment.

Re siding a house offers an excellent opportunity to address issues regarding excess water and air infiltration in the structure, around windows and doors, and anywhere else the desire is to keep heat inside and water outside of wall spaces.

A professional roofing company installs a product called a weather barrier after removing old siding and prior to installing the new siding. Weather barriers are so important that reputable siding manufacturers make using them a condition of their siding product warranties. These barriers profoundly influence the longevity of the new siding, allowing it to retain its attractive appearance far longer than could otherwise be expected.

The type of barrier that covers the majority of a house's exterior walls supplies a balance of water resistance and breathability. It prevents water from getting in yet permits water vapor inside the home to escape in order to keep the wall cavities and insulation between exterior and interior walls dry. Good quality weather barriers of this type receive a coating designed to discourage mildew.

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Another type of weather barrier features butyl rubber material with a peel and stick feature. Used mainly around doors and windows to seal any gaps that the primary weather barrier cannot, the stretch ability of this type, combined with its adhesive backing, seals holes around fasteners or any other small penetrations.

Unusual or custom shapes, such as certain windows and doors, benefit from the installation of a third type of weather barrier designed to stretch easily in order to conform to those shapes.

Finally, weather barrier tape seals any vertical or horizontal seams in any of the first three barriers. Good quality seam tape features a design that prevents its adhesive from drying out over time so that it does not come loose and permit air and water that does manage to get behind the siding from affecting interior materials.

These four types of weather barriers add plenty of value to a residing project. Reducing air infiltration alone supplies the benefit of energy savings all year round. Material costs for weather represent only a fraction of the total for this type of project. Most of the cost involves labor because installing weather barrier properly over an entire house can take two to three days in some instances, which is less than the time to remove old siding and install new.

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