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The decision to get a new roof is something that requires a great deal of planning. A homeowner will need to make decisions regarding the St Louis roofing contractor that is right for the job as well as the specific type of roofing material they want installed. Many homeowners choose asphalt or fiberglass shingles because they offer an affordable option that will typically last 20 to 30 years or more. Another important decision is whether to choose a complete tear off of the old roof or simply reroof over the existing shingles.

Homeowners often struggle with the decision of whether they should reroof or tear off. Each option has its benefits as well as disadvantages, so looking at the pros and cons can help a homeowner decide which option will best meet their particular needs.

A new roof is a huge investment, but reroofing offers an opportunity for the homeowner to save money on the cost of their new roof. If the roof deck, underlayment and old asphalt shingles are in good condition, chances are a roofing contractor will be able to install new shingles directly on top of the existing roof. It is important that the old shingles are not too badly cracked, warped or damaged; otherwise, the new shingles will not lie properly, and the integrity of the roof will be compromised.

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Shingles need to lie flat, overlapping smoothly, in order to provide the watertight barrier necessary to protect a home.

There are other considerations that should be weighed when contemplating a reroofing job as opposed to a tear off. For example, when a home is reroofed, it loses energy efficiency. The extra layers of roofing shingles can trap heat and create higher cooling bills. Additionally, the money saved by not tearing off the old shingles is simply a temporary solution. Eventually, the roof will need replacing, and the two layers of roofing materials will need to be removed before another new roof is installed. This, of course, adds to the cost of a new roof in the future.

Saving money is an important part of making wise decisions regarding home maintenance and upkeep; however, reroofing is not always recommended. It is important for homeowners to balance the cost savings with other factors, such as the energy efficiency of the home, its future resale value, the look of the new roof and even the lifespan one might expect from the new roof installation.

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