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While long a popular choice for commercial roofs, TPO roofing membrane has grown greatly in popularity among residential customers in recent years. There are a number of important reasons for this rise to prominence, and the most important of these include cost and efficiency.

First of all, TPO is a product that manages to combine many of the advantages of EPDM rubber roofing and PVC thermoplastic roofing. The customer gets, in essence, the best of both worlds at a price significantly lower than PVC. TPO roofing is sold in large rolls that are typically about 6 feet wide and 100 feet long. The thickness will vary from 45 to 60 milimeters. As to color, it is widely available in white, grey and black.

Not every roofing contractor is adept at working with TPO, so it is important to find a St Louis roofing company that understands the installation process. TPO roofing membrane roofing can be attached mechanically, ballasted down or fully adhered. With any of these methods, the attachment is firm and durable. The seams are welded together with blasts of hot air, resulting in exceptionally strong binding that admits no water entry.

A roof covered in TPO will be fully waterproof and highly energy efficient. TPO ranks first among roofing options in heat reflectivity, giving residents a cooler home in summer and significant savings on the power bill.

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In fact, TPO achieves an Energy Star rating, which indicates enhanced ability to reflect UV light. The heat island effect is greatly reduced, bringing relief to inner city dwellers. The material is also 100 percent recyclable and is free of environmental hazards like chlorine.

A roof surface protected by TPO will be difficult to puncture, tear or dent. It will be able to endure severe temperature fluctuations and hold up in the midst of extended periods of heat or cold. TPO's combination of flexibility and strength will allow it to move freely with the building without being damaged. A TPO roof will be resistant to dirt, bacteria, chemicals, oils and more. Probably the most impressive aspect of TPO, however, is that its seams are three to four times stronger than those of EPDM roofs, which rely on adhesives and taping.

If the decision is made to use TPO roofing, there are ways to make it even more cost effective than it already is. Homeowners should look for a TPO contractor who offers free estimates, valuable warranties, senior discounts and more. Residents can consider having the same company take care of siding, gutters or other construction work simultaneously in order to save extra money.

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