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When homeowners are planning to build a new home, it might be difficult for them to weigh the different roofing style options. When selecting which type of materials to use and which style might best accommodate an individual's needs, it's important that they factor the local climate, the different designs that other homes in the neighborhood feature and the local building codes in the area. For example, for homeowners who live in desert climates such as Arizona, a flat roof might not offer the best protection from UV exposure that a sloped roof might. Homeowners who live in Missouri can contact a St Louis roofing expect to learn more about which roof designs might offer sufficient protection against the elements for both the winter and summer seasons. Here's a brief overview about three popular styles of roofs and the benefits and potential drawbacks they might each feature.

A hip roof is one of the most commonly installed types of roofs in the United States, and its architectural features are both visually appealing and practical in nature. The four sides of a hip roof join at a ridge or a flat spot at the top, which offers great protection from water damage. A hip roof can feature a wide range of roofing materials.

A flat roof is commonly installed on commercial buildings, but many homeowners choose to install it on their residential homes as well.

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One of the primary benefits of a flat roof is that, due to its simple design, it can be much easier to install than other types of roofing styles. It is also a popular choice for condominiums and apartment complexes that are located in metropolitan areas because the roof can be used as additional outdoor space, such as a rooftop terrace or deck.

One of the main drawbacks associated with a flat roof is that it typically requires a lot of ongoing maintenance because debris easily builds up on its surface, especially if inclement weather strikes the area. Homeowners might not appreciate the fallen tree limbs and leaves they must regularly remove, and the issue could become magnified during the winter season because snow and ice can easily accumulate on a flat roof. Another common issue associated with flat roofs is that they're more prone to developing water leaks than sloped roofs are.

Many homeowners like the architectural design that a gabled roof features. A gabled roof resembles triangles that protrude in different sections of the roof, and they provide a great opportunity to use the extra space as storage. They also allow plenty of extra light to pour into the home.

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