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When St Louis Roofing professionals survey a rooftop, they look primarily at the pitch, otherwise known as the rooftop angle. This angle can be steep or nearly flat, depending on the building's design. For those structures with a low slope or flat roof, TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin material, must be considered during the replacement estimation. This single ply membrane offers several benefits to the structure when applied correctly.

Only one layer is needed to fully protect a building from moisture damage. In the past, membrane roof systems required several layers across the surface to provide the same protection as today's materials. TPO is manufactured with several thin sheets of various materials blended together into one physical membrane. Installation of one roofing layer also reduces labor costs and installation time, benefiting both customers and contractors.

This material offers extensive flexibility. For example, a contractor walks across the membrane several times a year to inspect the surface. Walking on the membrane won't damage it, even with heavyset shoes. Unless extremely large and heavy flying debris impacts the structure, the TPO membrane will not be pierced or otherwise damaged, even by hail and harsh weather. Items simply bounce off to the ground with little marring to the TPO. This flexibility also allows for some structural settling without any tears across central areas.

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TPO rolls out onto the roof just like carpet. Contractors will verify that the material covers the entire surface perfectly and will then use hot air to weld the seams together. No moisture can seep through these seams. Installed seams are additionally puncture resistant, preventing water from seeping into the roof deck and causing extensive damage. When building owners look up at the rooftop, they should only see a continuous white surface with barely any visible seams.

A major feature many building owners appreciate about TPO is the materials' cooling effect. Because TPO is normally white or light colored, it reflects sunlight away. Any heat within the light is lost to the atmosphere instead of being slowly seeped into building crevices. Residents don't have to use the air conditioner as often with white TPO materials, which provides them with a more comfortable home interior year round.

Whether a building is residential or commercial, adding TPO properly requires a specialized contractor. Building owners should interview several roofing companies and ask specifically about TPO expertise. Professionals should have several years of experience with previous projects documented through photos. Prospective clients can look at all the projects and make a smart hiring decision.

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