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Rain gutters gather the runoff from roofs caused by rain and melting snow. Water flows off the roof and into the gutters where it's carried to the downspouts and funneled away from siding and foundations. This prevents wear and structural problems caused by wet ground around the foundation. It also prevents water from seeping into basements over time. Gutters keep flowing water from damaging gardens and eroding lawns. They also keep people from getting drenched as they enter and leave their homes. Homes without gutters often get wood rot on the fascia and under the eaves from water exiting the roof in an uncontrolled way. Fortunately, homeowners can choose from several different types of gutters with the expert help of an experienced St Louis roofing professional.

Vinyl gutters are inexpensive and easy to install. They never rust or corrode, they're lightweight and the different sections snap together easily. However, poor installation can cause sagging sections, and vinyl gutters can become brittle and crack in cold weather. Aluminum gutters are also inexpensive, lightweight and rust proof. They also hold paint well and keep their integrity in the cold. They can be dented easily, so homeowners should be careful when placing a ladder near the roof.

People can also choose galvanized steel or stainless steel.

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These gutters are heavier, so they may need more support. Galvanized steel has a very competitive price, and its zinc coating protects it from rust. They can last even longer with proper maintenance. Galvanized steel gutters also contract in winter about half as much as aluminum gutters, making them great for colder climates. Stainless steel gutters are even better at resisting rust than galvanized steel, and they can shine brightly for years. However, they usually cost about twice as much as vinyl or aluminum. Copper gutters are also very durable, and they give homes a unique look. They're a perfect match for a copper roof. However, they're one of the most expensive options.

Most gutters are only available in sections that are joined together as they're installed. These are called sectional gutters. Aluminum and steel gutters are also available in seamless varieties that are custom made to fit homes from long sheets of metal. The most common place a gutter fails after years of wear is at the joints and seams. A seamless gutter will never have this problem, so homeowners can save money on future repairs. However, installing seamless gutters is more expensive initially.

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