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Every roofing system needs to have ventilation in order to guarantee that the roof lasts as long as homeowners need it to. A well maintained ventilation system can also provide the rest of the home with energy saving opportunities by keeping the cool and warm air in as required. For many new homeowners, however, it can be difficult to determine what type of rooftop ventilation system will be right for their needs. Not every ventilation system is made the same, and knowing what to expect can make all the difference. St Louis roofing specialists will recommend for all potential customers to explore their options and understand how each ventilation system differs.

To begin, every roof should have the same basic setup. Low, or soffit, vents should be installed to guarantee that warm and cool air rushes in as necessary. Once these are in place, it is important for the homeowner to invest in high vents to complete the installation. These high vents are necessary to keep stale and hot air moving out of the attic. When the system has been installed, the top vents will act as the exhaust to the system, and the lower ones will act as the intake. Homeowners can choose between four different types of exhaust vents, though only one type should ever be installed on a finished roof.

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Ridge vents, as the name implies, are vents that are installed at the uppermost sections of the roofing system, where the sloping sides meet at the ridge. These systems are prized for their easy installation and their ability to blend with any roofing system, regardless of the appearance.

Turbine vents are popular passive ventilation options as well. They are traditionally set in more rustic homes, where their round shape protrudes from the side of the roof. These systems do not need any electrical setup and they are almost always silent when functioning.

Box vents are designed to remove damaging amounts of heat and moisture from the attic. They are popular because they can be installed quickly and easily in any open attic setup. This means that there are no potential structural problems, as these vents do not need to be set close to the ridge.

Finally, powered vents are different from other choices because they are designed to function with a steady source of power. Professionals refer to them as active vents because they are designed to always work, using electricity to force hot air out of the attic through its working system.

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