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Black mold is a very toxic form of mold that has become a problem for home and building owners across the United States. Black mold thrives in dark and damp places and consumes building materials for its food. A leak in a roof will create the perfect environment for mold growth because the leak can go unnoticed for an extended period.

Once black mold begins to develop in a home, it will cause structural damage to any area that is infected. The mold consumes building materials such as wood, drywall and metal products like nails.

Mold breeds by releasing spores into the air. When this occurs, the spores are easily inhaled by the occupants of the home. Respiratory infections, kidney disease and even mental conditions have been associated with excessive exposure to black mold.

It is important for the owner of a home or commercial building to contact a St Louis roofing company as soon as possible to repair a leak in the roof and repair any damage that has been caused by mold.

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A mold remediation company may also need to be called in to treat the home in its entirety to make sure that there are not any remaining spores in the house.

A house that has significant black mold growth in it is considered to have "sick building syndrome." This term means that, without treatment, people who enter the building have a large possibility of having health issues from inhaling the back mold spores.

One of the best ways to prevent black mold from entering into a home is to have a yearly roof inspection. During a roof inspection, a contractor will check for any possible leaks or damage to the roof that could allow black mold spores to enter the structure. If any are found, repairs can be made and the mold will usually be eliminated.

Homeowners can also look for signs of a leak in their home or mold growth by checking around the seams of their walls and ceilings. Discolored spots may represent mold growth on the interior side of the walls. Having someone check in the attic and crawlspace for leaks or signs of mold on an annual basis is also recommended.

Homeowners in states where there is excessive rain or humidity should take special care to check for mold on a regular basis. Additionally, homes in areas where floods occur are more susceptible to black mold infestations.

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