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Far from being just one more paper to keep track of, a roof warranty is an important document that can help homeowners protect their roof investments and ensure the safety of their homes. So, when a trusted St Louis roofing contractor hands a local homeowner the warranty information, smart homeowners sit down and read through the policies, noting their own responsibilities and policy restrictions.

First, consumers should understand the warranty's scope. Basic roof manufacturer warranties usually cover only product and material defects. Sometimes, a roofing contractor will offer a separate warranty to guarantee roof installation. These individual roofer warranties can vary in reliability and coverage because they depend on the roofer's stability. The best warranty options are the special roof manufacturer policies that cover both materials and installation. These are usually only offered by roof manufacturers when the homeowner has used a manufacturer approved roofer like a GAF Master Elite roofer.

To keep a roof manufacturer warranty valid, homeowners are usually required to perform semiannual maintenance on their roofs. Theoretically, homeowners can handle these chores themselves, but there are several reasons to consider having the work done by a qualified roofer.

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Residential roofs are usually steep slope roofs that can be dangerously slippery when wet or covered in leaves. Professional roofers are accustomed to working in these conditions and have the equipment needed to ensure their safety. Also, when a homeowner contracts with a roofer to maintain and check the roof twice a year, homeowners usually get a receipt for the services rendered. These receipts can be used as proof of regular maintenance if the manufacturer ever calls the issue into question.

Other typical homeowner requirements include notifying the manufacturer within 30 days of a leak discovery and receiving prior manufacturer approval of any roof modifications. Throughout the lifespan of the roof, homeowners also must protect the roof from damage, keeping unauthorized people from walking on the roof and refraining from installing rooftop equipment.

Once the homeowner is aware of their own duties, they should scan the warranty for time limitations. Manufacturer warranties vary in length depending on the type of roof installed. Most basic asphalt shingle roofs have limited warranties that last for 10 to 30 years and provide compensation at decreasing prorated amounts. Better warranties offer limited lifetime and lifetime coverage, free of prorated protection. These are usually available for pricier architectural shingles, slate and tile roofs. The top of the line warranty is a No Dollar Limit policy, which places no restrictions on financial coverage.

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