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Cedar is the most common wood used in natural wood roofing materials. The reason for this includes its beautiful look, natural waterproofing qualities and aversion to termites. Beyond this, cedar shingles are more ecologically friendly and very energy efficient. To keep them looking great and providing top protection, maintenance is necessary throughout the life of the roof.

St Louis roofing contractors are able to discuss the options, styles and costs involved with installing a cedar roof. The basic choices come down to red or white cedar for shingles or shakes. While red cedar has been the most commonly used for the purposes of roofing over time, white cedar is gaining in popularity as well. White cedar is somewhat less expensive than red cedar, yet still has the same protective qualities and natural appearance.

More than just a good appearance, cedar roofing is environmentally responsible. When expertly installed and kept in good order, a cedar roof will last for 50 or more years. Occasionally, shingles and shakes may need to be replaced. This is a much simpler process than having to replace an entire roof. When replacement is necessary, the materials themselves are completely recyclable, often being turned into mulch and wood chips.

They are also environmentally friendly through energy savings. Wood is a natural insulator, meaning that the wood shingles or shakes will absorb heat in the summer and cold in the winter and keep it from transferring into the attic area.

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This keeps the attic at a more regulated temperature and prevents the heating and air unit from having to use more energy to regulate these areas. Energy efficiency through the roof means less impact upon the power grid and monthly savings on the energy bill.

Although it adds a beautiful look to the entire exterior of the home, it is the natural appearance of the wood that is so lovely. There is no need to paint wood shingles, as this destroys their natural beauty. Every shingle or shake has a slightly different appearance, but they come together for a wonderful aesthetic effect. Cedar roofing looks very good on all types of buildings and residences all over the world.

Cedar roofs also must consider drainage and maintenance issues. Debris must be kept clear from wood roofing and carefully removed after severe weather. Debris such as limbs, leaves and even pine needles prevents rain from draining correctly. Therefore, cleaning the roof periodically is important. At least once every 8 to 10 years, a contractor should be consulted regarding minor repairs and patching.

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