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A roof replacement can feel like an enormous undertaking for a busy homeowner. It can also be a noisy and messy process, so it helps to know what to expect before the project begins.

The contractor will usually deliver a trash receptacle to the site ahead of time. The old materials will be tossed into this receptacle during the roofing tear off, after which they will then be taken either to a landfill or to a recycling center. Many roofing materials can be recycled, and it is often costs less to recycle them than to dispose of the materials in a landfill. Then, it's just a matter of watching the weather and waiting for a good time to start the work. Small, simple projects can take a day or two while projects that are more complicated can take up to a week. The St Louis roofing contractor the homeowner is working with will let them know how much time their reroofing should take.

On the first day of the work, the old roofing materials will be torn off unless the new shingles are going to be laid over the old ones.

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The old roofing materials get thrown off the roof into the dumpster below, so the homeowner should be aware that he or she may not have access to a garage or other areas in the vicinity of where the contractors are tossing the old materials. Residents should anticipate a lot of dust and noise. It is a good idea to notify neighbors ahead of time that a reroofing will be underway.

Once the old roofing materials are off, the roofers can get a good look at the roof decking to make sure it is in good condition. This is the part of the reroofing project where the costs of the job can go up if roofers uncover hidden damage. Potential surprises are often covered in a contingency written into the roofing contract. The roofing technicians will complete any needed repairs to the roof deck before proceeding with the rest of the work.

Once the decking has been determined to be sound, a felt underlayment is typically installed, and then the shingles are laid down along with any roofing accessories such as vents or skylights. Because each shingle needs to be individually nailed on, this is a very repetitive and noisy process. Once the new roof is in place, the roofers will clean up and remove all debris. If gutters are being replaced, this will be done separately from the reroofing, and the contractor will coordinate a return date with the homeowner.

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